Twitter Buys Podcast Platform Breaker To Support Voice Chat Feature

Twitter Buys Podcast Platform Breaker To Support Voice Chat Feature


Twitter has acquired breaker, a podcast platform, for its voice chat feature called Spaces. As of January 15, the Podcast platform will switch to Twitter and begin work on developing spaces. It is not known how much Twitter paid for the purchase.

In a news story we shared with you in December, we mentioned a new feature of Twitter called "Spaces". The feature would have enabled Twitter to set up voice chat rooms and allow users to engage in voice communication with each other. Twitter officials have announced a radical decision on the matter.

With the popularization of the broadcasting sector, there has also been an increase in the number of programs serving this area. One of these applications was breaker. The company has announced the acquisition of Breaker, which has decided to seek professional support to develop a feature called Spaces and provide the best possible service. .

It was not disclosed how much breaker was bought for

It did not disclose how much the purchase cost. But Breaker chief executive Erik Berlin said the acquisition would create a perfect fit between Twitter and Breaker. Berlin, who said they have been working on voice communication for a long time, said they will continue to work with the same passion for Twitter.

The developers of Breaker have focused on podcasts to date. Users were able to use the platform as a podcast network. For a long time, the platform also allowed users to interact with each other. The developers of The Breaker app, which will be closed on January 15, 2021, will transfer all their knowledge to Twitter after that date.

According to official statements made by Breaker, consumers using this platform will not be left alone in the new era. Explaining that they will offer links that will allow users to download all their data, company officials say the downloaded data can be uploaded to various music apps, including Spotify.

It seems that Twitter cares a lot about the spaces feature. Because the acquisition of another company for The Voice-Over feature, which is not so compelling for engineers on Twitter, is the clearest indication of this. In addition, with this move, Twitter has provided the infrastructure to expand the scope of the voice chat feature to be added to the platform. The most talked-about platform of 2021 will most likely be Twitter.

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