Using Emoji Dulls Our Emotions

Using Emoji Dulls Our Emotions


Can we convey our emotions enough with emojis or even simpler, colon brackets ? Since the beginning of written communication, schematic visuals have taken place. Our main issue is the expressions of emotion contained in modern communication. These emoticons, known as emojis or smiley, damage our relationships over time.

Although it is initially perceived as a romantic gesture for an individual to send a heart sign to their partner with whom they have an emotional connection, this method eventually reveals the difficulty of expressing emotions. A person who wants to say that I love you by sending a heart to the opposite sex, I kissed you by sending a kiss, after a certain process, begins to have difficulty expressing their feelings to their partner verbally or in words.

It is clear that emotional laziness leads human relationships to a stalemate and prevents the sharing of enough emotional feelings. If we start questioning ourselves before the people around us, we can see this dangerous situation with all its nakedness. He doesn't know how to express our true and sincere feelings with beautiful words, but instead, by sending a dozen pictures of hearts and flowers, I'm so excited, I love you so much, I drown you in flowers, we turn our true feelings into a trash can in scarce understandings.

Because our ability to Express, which is stronger at the beginning, will gradually decrease secretly, we cannot even be aware of its condition. How can I stop for a minute when you're going to send emojis to avoid this; instead of this heart picture, how can I tell you about my current love? We need to think about. Instead of sending a picture of a flower in the same way; how can I put into words that I care about it? We should say.

Never forget that words are more effective than symbols, and that we can convey our feelings to the other side more permanently, sincerely and effectively with sentences. This serious condition is not limited to dulling our ability to express emotion. These numb symbols leave individuals in a more meaningless mood, because emojis have no effect on a person, reducing the quality of dialogues experienced over the past unit of time. This low-quality dialogue, on the other hand, undermines the nature of concepts such as memories, memories that are very valuable to man, and pushes us into unhappiness.

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