Giving blood has never been easier and less painful!

Giving blood has never been easier and less painful!


Vein finder thanks to this device, especially those who are afraid of needles end their ordeal!

For those who are afraid, multiple exposure to the needle turns into torture. Assuming that sometimes even experienced specialists overlook the vein, a little help will be quite useful. The device, called Veinviewer, is quite harmless; it uses near-infrared rays to show exactly where the vein is. So he's doing more than just guessing.

End To The Ordeal Of Being Riddled: Practical Device Showing Patients ' Veins

Designed by Memphis-based company Christie Medical Holdings, the tool projects onto the arm, finding veins. The special light used is either absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood or projected onto the skin and finds vessels about a centimeter deep. In 'fine detail' mode, it shows more detail and helps practitioners find the right place to stick the needle.

George Pinho, head of the firm, says: "only Veinviewer can benefit before, during and after the vascular entry procedure.''

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