What is a cryptocurrency wallet, How to use it?

What is a cryptocurrency wallet, How to use it?


You invested your money in an exchange, you bought a cryptocurrency that you trusted. So where and how will you hide it? We have compiled a variety of cryptocurrency wallets for you…

At this point, wallets, wallets where you can store your cryptocurrencies, come into play to safely store cryptocurrencies. Examples of these wallets are digital wallet, physical wallet, core wallet, hot wallet, cold wallet and online wallet.

What Is A Digital Wallet?

It has 3 different keys as Public Key, Private Key and Password. Public Key public contains the address to which the coins sent to you will reach. Private Key is a special number that belongs to your wallet. Complex encrypts your address and transaction information. The person or people who have your Private key can access your wallet. From a security point of view, it must be seriously stored. Password is the password that you specify.

What Is Core Wallet?

Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are wallets encoded to store the said cryptocurrency. It is usually made available by the manufacturer. Because it requires a lot of storage space, they are not very preferred, but they are safer than other wallets on the market.

What Is A Physical Wallet?

They are also known as hardware Wallet. Among the most secure storage methods, it has a look like a USB memory stick. After transferring the cryptocurrencies you receive to your physical wallet, you can even store them in your safe. In case of theft, you can prevent malicious people from accessing your cryptocurrency thanks to the Pin code you have already put in place.

What Is A Hot Wallet?

They are also known as Warm Wallet. We can qualify as wallets running on any device that has access to the internet. Core Wallet is an example of a Hot Wallet. It is relatively less reliable than other wallets. If you are attacked by hackers, you may lose your cryptocurrencies.

What Is An Online Wallet?

These are wallets created by firms or cryptocurrency exchanges that you invest in. Its security is directly proportional to the security of the company in which you are a user.

What is Cold Wallet or Cold Storage?

They are also known as paper wallets. They bear a resemblance to physical wallets. The password and Private Key are stored differently. It can be called more reliable than many methods when approached from a security point of view.

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