World Markets comes across as a platform that makes investors ' predictions much more professional and, in doing so, takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


World Markets comes across as a platform that makes investors ' predictions much more professional and, in doing so, takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. According to the platform's official website, users can use the highly advanced “Al Trading Tools” trading tools to identify opportunities with the lowest risks and make transactions with high profits within seconds.

World Markets and Artificial Intelligence

While many investors throughout the bear markets made panic sales, in World Markets the AI (artificial intelligence) Trading System achieved far superior returns from conventional assets as well as alternative assets than the overall market.

So how do world Markets, which use artificial intelligence, work?

World Markets calls itself " a full-service global financial firm with a team of professional investors who manage your account."he describes it in his words. Therefore, the platform manages the accounts of its users using both a professional team and artificial intelligence technology. The platform allows users to track all transactions 24/7 after depositing money into their accounts.

To trade using the World Markets platform, you can start investing quickly by following these steps::

• Create your investment account.

• Digitally sign the trade agreement so that the World Markets team can access your account for investment only.

• Deposit money into your account using various global payment providers.

• Then the accounts will start trading only 24 hours after activation.

After these steps, you can check your account 24/7 or check it every few months, relying on AI technology to manage your investments on your behalf. You can also be supported 24/7 by the professional team if you encounter any problems.

According to World Markets ' statements, the proportion of traditional investors controlling their own investments in the market in 2010 fell by up to 40%, and by 2014 it had fallen to 25%. In 2017, however, JPMorgan noted that traditional investors represented only 10% of the company's trading volume.

World Markets, which developed itself based on these figures, was also launched to respond to this new investment method. The platform, which thinks artificial intelligence has revolutionarily changed its investment habits, says it is investing heavily in advanced supercomputing systems developed to take on the most difficult global financial markets.

Advantages Of World Markets

World Markets primarily offers high-security accounts. They use state-of-the-art account processing software to avoid losses, the platform said, and they are aware that making big gains also brings big risks. In addition, World Markets offers 2-factor authentication and military-level encryption to prevent account access violations. All funds are held with Tier-1 liquidity providers and banks to ensure the highest level of security on all fronts.

In addition, the platform offers the Reference Service to its users. Thanks to the reference program, those who recommend the platform to their acquaintances benefit from a partnership of half. There is also the possibility of earning a 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar for every 10 accounts.

World Markets Transaction Fees

The platform, which charges a 20% performance fee and a 1% annual management fee from standard accounts, receives a 10% performance fee and a 0.5% annual management fee from Gold Premier accounts that are over $ 25,000 discounted. Therefore, standard account holders receive 80% of the profits and gold premier account holders receive 90% of the profits themselves.

There are no prepayments associated with any World Markets Trading Accounts on the platform, including AI-Managed Accounts, Digital Gold and other advanced trading instruments.