The Internet Is An Integral Part Of Social Life


Ours is a international consulting and auditing company (Ernst & Young) Digital Consumer Research consumers ' personal data concerned about the security of devices with internet access they work to reduce their time along with suggests.

The world's leading consulting and auditing companies from EY (Ernst & Young),in-home use presented at the technology, media, entertainment and telecommunications (TMT) consumer behavior for services under the spotlight the ‘digital consumer survey results announced. The survey, based on the views of 12,500 consumers from France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, points out that consumers are trying to reduce their time devoted to internet access devices, as well as worry about the security of their personal data.

The Internet Is An Integral Part Of Social Life

More than half (54%) of consumers say the internet is an integral part of their social lives, while nearly half (45%) say they are actively trying to reduce their time with smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. The proportion of people trying to reduce time spent on the internet has risen to 53% in consumers aged 25-34, research reveals.

Consumer Cautious About Personal Data

Research shows that while the outlook for consumers to buy smart TMT products and services offered for domestic use is positive, indicators for consumer confidence are weak. 72% of consumers across the 4 countries surveyed said they were cautious about sharing their personal data, while 41% of consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom said they did not believe their personal data was fully secure.

Personal Data Protection Must Be Central To Customer Interaction

EY Türkiye Telekom, technology and Media Sector Leader Emre quintuplet commented on the results of the research: "today, individuals are very sensitive to the protection of their personal data, because the negative effects of the mishaps that may occur are large. According to our research, 43% of consumers are concerned that current regulations do not adequately protect data. Therefore, TMT companies need to move beyond disclosure of compliance to regulations for the protection of personal data and position this issue at the heart of customer interaction and service-innovation agenda." quoth.

Complicated Processes Drive Consumers Away

The research also sheds light on the picture revealed by the complexity of customer management processes. 42% of consumers in France, 32% in the UK, 30% in the US and 27% in the Netherlands say they have difficulty choosing services or packages that fit their needs. Nearly half (48%) of all consumers surveyed said that starter packs make it difficult to understand which packages offer the highest value.